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EDEN 5 Stage RO/DI Water System 24 GPD

EDEN 5 Stage RO/DI Water System 24 GPD
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EDEN 5 Stage RO/DI Water System 24 GPD
The RO5-25-DI Ultra Pure Water System has a production capacity of 24 gallons per day. The RO/DI system is not a regular Reverse Osmosis system. It has a deionization cartridge for removing dissolved solids and producing distilled quality water. As is, this system is NOT recommended as a drinking water system although we have seen people on TV promoting this water for drinking (controversial).

Water produced is non-corrosive and is great for ultra pure water applications (e.g., aquariums, dental office, laboratory, etc) where ultra-pure water (0 TDS) is necessary. Water, having distilled water quality, is perfect for use in autoclaves as well as other dental equipment: clean water bottle systems, ultrasonic scalers, sonic scaler handpieces, and ultrasonic cleaning units. Buy your convenience and avoid the cost and hassle of going out and buying distilled bottled water.

RO5-25-DI system consists of five (5) stages complete with all four filters and the RO membrane.

1st Stage: 5-Micron Polyspun Filter Cartridge 2.5x10" (replace every 12 months); removes dirt, suspended particles and rust.

2nd Stage: 10-micron Carbon Block Filter Cartridge 2.5x10" (replace every 12 months); removes chlorine and VOC.

3rd Stage : Thin Film Composite RO Membrane 24 GPD (replace every 2 years); removes all contaminants and reduces dissolved solids by up to 95%.

4th Stage: Inline Post Carbon Filter 2x10" (replace every 12 months); provides final polishing of water after the storage tank.

5th Stage: Mixed Bed Demineralization Resin Cartridge 2.5x10" to produce (mineral free) pure water ( Replace every 12 months or as needed).

(Options): Do you want to add a 2.5x12" inline DI filter to this system and guarantee that the system produce distilled quality water with zero (000) TDS and serve you for very long before changing the DI filter cartridge? If your answer is Yes, then, buy the inline DI filter at the same time you buy this system.

The RO5-25-DI System comes with lead-free modern faucet with chrome finish, 3.2-gallon pressurized tank , color-coded tubing, and an installation pack. The installation pack includes tank ball valve, feed water valve, drain saddle, inserts and screws, housing wrench and the installation manual. The system has one important component, an auto shut-off valve, which eliminates wasted water by closing the feed line when the pressure tank is full. This system makes less waste water than other RO systems - 3:1 ratio.

The purchase of this product also comes with with one year limited warranty on all parts.


RO Unit Dimensions: 15 x 8 x 18" H "fits under most sinks"

Reverse osmosis, a membrane-technology separation method, together with carbon adsorption will remove most contaminants from water. The final De-Ionization stage delivers 000 PPM water.

Do you have this system already and you to use it for drinking water? If your answer is Yes, then, replace the DI cartridge in RO5-25-DI-C with a carbon block cartridge or an alkaline filter cartridge and you will be set. If you want a system that has dual output: one for drinking (TDS= 25 ppm) and another for DI applications (TDS=0), then you need a custom built system. We can do it, just send an email and we will quote you.

It is highly recommended to buy a TDS Tester to check on the performance of the RO/DI system.

SKU: RO5-25-DI ___ UPC: 852869004671

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